Our Story

Silver Spring United Methodist Church formed in 2014 from the merger of two congregations with deep roots in the Silver Spring community: Woodside United Methodist Church and Marvin Memorial United Methodist Church.

A Tale of Two Churches

The original Woodside Church

Memorial UMC, originally built as Wesley Chapel, was also founded in 1872 in the area now known as Four Corners at the intersection of University Avenue and Colesville Road. Both congregations were known for their impact and contribution to the community and larger church, with Marvin Memorial being served by several pastors who would go on to become bishops in the United Methodist Church. The merger was the culmination of a long process of discernment about the best way to continue in ministry to the Silver Spring community for years to come.


Today Silver Spring UMC is a diverse congregation in every respect: age, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, and culture. We are a Reconciling Congregation, meaning that we have gone through a long process to discern what it means for us to be an intentionally inclusive congregation that welcomes LGBTQ+ persons into every aspect of the church’s life from worship attendance to denominational leadership. That same spirit of openness and welcome infuses everything we do.

Silver Spring United Methodist Church

Our ministries that address food insecurity have been a mainstay of our outreach to the Silver Spring area, and in cooperation with multiple local food banks and agencies we continue to address this critical need. Our long history of ministry in this area is a critical part of our self-understanding:

We are a movement of Christ’s love feeding all God’s people – body, mind, and spirit – so no one goes hungry.

We invite you to discover Silver Spring UMC and find a deeper sense of meaning and purpose for your life, a diverse community of disciples, and an opportunity to make a better world.

What are YOU hungry for?