Our Lenten small groups began on February 17, and will be a bit different than our last few all-church events. We hope they will meet a need as we slog on through these difficult days. This year, we’ll be practicing growing “deep roots,” hoping that by engaging in daily scripture reading and prayer and reflecting on this weekly in a group, we can build strength, resilience, and reserves of encouragement as we approach the Easter season. Our readings will be based mostly on the Revised Common Lectionary (with some fun tangents thrown in for good measure). We’re doing this study in-house, so there’s nothing to buy.

Jen will be sending documents with scripture engagement and prayer activities each week, and also posting them here. You will want to have a notebook handy to for some reflection and notes, but that can be digital or hardcopy depending on your preference. Most groups will be meeting over zoom, but we have one group that’s using a text message group to “meet” throughout the week. Just indicate what you prefer when you sign up!

Daily scripture reading and prayer are practices with deep roots themselves. It can be hard to make time for this time in our faith; it might sometimes feel less important than the more obvious ways we act out our faith in acts of compassion and justice. But taking this time to listen and seek God’s spirit in quiet moments amidst our whirlwind days can restore us, challenge us, and lead us into deeper connection with God and with others. Through this time together, we can work on connecting the insights and strength we gain from a rich devotional life to our work of compassion and justice that weaves through our personal lives and our life together in community. 

These groups are not meant to slow down or circumvent the work for justice and compassion (which will still be happening), but are designed to help us to continue to find grounding and new reserves of compassion for ourselves and others in the midst of that work. Rev. Alex will also be incorporating some of the scripture and related themes into his sermons during Lent as well.

We would love for you to join us!