Some Green Team members on a prayer walk in February 2021.

SSUMC’s Green Team is hard at work greening our grounds, the yards of our members, and the habits and practices of our congregation. We believe that God meets us in creation and we take our identity as stewards of the Earth very seriously. We love to partner with other organizations to help us learn more and embrace tools and strategies for both reducing the environmental impact of our building and grounds and also to create positive change. Our past projects and events are almost too many to list, but include:

  • creation of a butterfly garden, rain gardens, and a gleaning garden on our Downtown campus grounds
  • use of native plants in landscaping
  • installation of a rainwater cistern
  • conducting needed kitchen repairs to make it easier to use non-disposable dishes and cutlery for events
  • prayer and “spirituality in nature” walks
  • yearly distribution of the Interfaith Power and Light Lenten calendars for our congregation

As of March 2021, we have been partnering with other local organizations in the Caring for Creation program, educating about and inspiring homeowners to use native plants in their gardens and landscaping to benefit native wildlife and local watershed health. This program includes the gift of free native plants to those who sign up to participate! To sign up to receive these plants, watch this webinar and sign the pledge! The next events in this program are:

  • April 19: 7- 9 PM; Caring for Sligo Creek workshop (VIRTUAL How-to workshop on creating wildlife habitat and raingardens)
  • May 2: 4-530 PM; Native Plant Garden Tour (limited to 20 people w current COVID restrictions – NOT VIRTUAL)
  • May 9: Caring for Mother Earth – Native Plant Give-Away (Mother’s Day) (at each congregation)

Find the links to register and participate here!

Learn more about these events, programs, and more by emailing our fearless leader Rob Horn at