Do you love living near Sligo Creek? Do you ever wonder about what you can do to help protect our local environment? What do you think faith has to do with caring for nature? As a member of SSUMC, your views are important to us!

Our congregation has chosen to join Sacred Grounds: Caring for Creation Along Sligo Creek, a new effort to care for Sligo Creek in cooperation with several other congregations in our area and the National Wildlife Federation. Before we begin, we need to get a better understanding of our members. We have questions about how you relate to Sligo Creek, how you make decisions about caring for your yard, and how you think our congregation can best inspire your participation.

You are invited to join a focus group to share your views on these questions. This conversation will be held online and facilitated by a consultant. Please click here to register for a focus group that matches your availability. We would appreciate a response by Friday, October 9th. Your views will help our team of volunteers to shape this program so that it works for you and SSUMC!

Thank you!

SSUMC Green Team