Join us on Sunday, February 16 for a Bystander Intervention training.  This training is OPEN to the public and is FREE of charge. RSVP here so we have enough lunch for everyone!

The training was created so that communities could do two things:

  1. To provide a community service that would increase the likelihood that people will step up to support any community member who is being harassed.  We do this by grounding our training in nonviolence, de-escalation, and compassion for others.
  2. To use the trainings to provide a conduit for people to become interested in becoming progressive political activists and to help them find community groups who are doing activist work that challenges systematic injustices.

MCCVRC has found this model to be very successful for them — and thinks it might be useful for other communities as well.

As a civil rights / civil liberties group, they chose to focus on four politically relevant issues:

  • Sanctuary for immigrants
  • Working against Islamophobia
  • Police accountability
  • Stopping surveillance by local, state and national government

MCCVRC believes that bystander trainings can serve to bring new activists into any kind of progressive work.