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40 Days of Decrease: Week 6 – March 14-19

by Rev. Joey Heath

Week Six: Day Twenty-Nine – March 14 Scripture – John 19:7-16 Fast of the Day – Intimidation What do you fear? Being misunderstood or misrepresented? Being unwanted or unneeded? Illness or injury? Today, fast from intimidation by not letting fear bully you. When you feel the presence of fear, acknowledge it, say a pray, and […]

40 Days of Decrease: Week 5 – March 7-12

by Rev. Joey Heath

Week Five: Day Twenty-Three – March 7 Scripture – John 18:15-18 Fast of the Day – Armchair Jesus Today, fast from the images of an armchair Jesus, one who critiques the game but is not a player. Jesus is so much more than one aloofly watching us. Jesus is not offering hypothetical armchair advice, he […]

40 Days of Decrease – Week Four

by Rev. Joey Heath

Week Four: Feb. 29 – March 5 Day Seventeen: February 29 Scripture – John 16:17-33 Fast of the Day – Apathy Apathy can be defined as an emotional disconnect from life and suffering. Apathy can be seen all around us, from the disconnect between clothes we buy that are manufactured in sweat shop conditions to […]

40 Days of Decrease – Week Three

by Rev. Joey Heath

Week Three: Day Eleven: February 22 Scripture – John 14:1-14 Fast of the Day – Religious Profiling Today spend some time reflecting on stereotypes and groupings. Is there any part of your life where you underestimate another or lump together everyone who is _ _ _ _ ? God has created a beautiful and diverse […]

40 Days of Decrease – Week Two

by Rev. Joey Heath

Week Two: Feb 15-20 Day Five: February 15 Scripture – John 12:37-43 Fast of the Day – Tidy Faith Today let your faith be messy. Fast tidying it up to make it more tame, and meditate upon Jesus’ peaceful response to John’s uncertainty. Day Six – February 16 Scripture – John 12:44-50 Fast of the […]

40 Days of Decrease – Week One

by Rev. Joey Heath

Week One: Feb. 10-13 (Sundays are a free day) Day One – February 10 (Ash Wednesday) Scripture – John 12:1-11 Fast of the Day – Lent as a Project Instead of looking at Lent this year as in terms of project evaluation like “I did ok”, “I totally failed”, or “I made it two weeks” […]