We are a movement of Christ’s love, feeding people–mind, body, and Spirit–so that none go hungry. 

At Silver Spring United Methodist Church, you’ll find a diversity of people–in age, race, ethnicity, nationality, sexuality, and gender–who are committed to doing life together for the sake of transforming our world. Whether it’s one of our weekly small groups, a short-term Bible Study, our mobile food pantry, or simply joining for worship on a Sunday morning, you can guarantee that there is a place here for you to connect to God and others in ways that will strengthen, support, challenge, and empower you to do the work of justice and mercy in our world. 

As a community, we are committed to: 

  • Creating spaces for people to deepen discipleship through challenging study, intentional relationships, and passionate service to others. 

  • Empowering people at every age and stage to step into the gifts God has given them to serve the world. 

  • Passionate, diverse, and joyful worship that celebrates the rich liturgical tradition of our past and the creative opportunities of the present to help people connect to the life-giving presence of God. 

  • Connecting with other communities, locally and globally, to leverage our resource to build anti-racist, anti-sexist, and intentionally inclusive community in everything we do. 

Those may seem like impossible goals, but we believe that we are accompanied by a God who gives us what we need to be who we’re called to be, and that working together all these things–and so much more–is possible! Sound interesting? We’d love to have you join us. Spend a few moments perusing the pages of our website, join us online or in-person every Sunday morning at 10 A.M. for worship, or simply email us at communications@silverspringumc.org if you’ve got questions about how to explore, engage, or enter into life here at SSUMC!