Covenant Renewal Worship Celebration on January 1st

John Wesley introduced the annual covenant renewal service for use by the Methodist societies in 1755. Every year, on or near January 1, the Methodists gathered to renew their covenant with God. The service is adapted from a Puritan ritual. It is a powerful time of self-examination and confession that culminates in renewal of commitment to discipleship.

Join us on Sunday, January 1st, 2022 as we celebrate Covenant Renewal and Holy Communion, remembering both the grace with which God sustains us in the work of discipleship, and the call to continue growing in love of God and neighbor in everything we do. Through song and sacrament, prayer and intentional promise-making, we will recommit our lives and work to feeding people–mind, body, and spirit–in 2023. 

All worship celebrations at Silver Spring United Methodist Church are held in-person and online (via Facebook and YouTube). For more information on how to attend in person, please use this link

Silver Spring United Methodist Church is a reconciling congregation of The United Methodist Church. We fully recognize and celebrate the gift of human diversity as experienced and expressed through our age, race, ethnicity, gender and gender expression, sexuality, ability, and economic status. All of who you are, and all of what you bring, is welcome to find a place in the movement of Christ’s love among us.