Celebrating Our Newly Elected Leadership Council

Following a special Church Conference led by our District Superintendent, Rev. Gerry Green, the Nominations and Lay Leadership Development Committee are excited to share the names of our newly elected Leadership Council. The include: 

Nominated to serve for one year: 

  • Dave Ottalini
  • Kevin Perry 
  • Ryan Lincoln
  • Caleb Perry 

Nominated to serve for two years: 

  • Marge Kumaki
  • Leah Bullis
  • Tijuana Irons
  • Becky Eager

Nominated to serve for three years: 

  • Bill Scanlan
  • Melissa Polito
  • Debbie Boger
  • Dan Sherk 
  • Cheryl Lammy

Additionally, we give thanks for the continued leadership of our Financial Secretary, Lynne Waters, and for our Lay Representative to the Baltimore-Annual Conference, Daniel Colbert, who have agreed to serve in 2023. 

The election of a Leadership Council marks a change in our governance structure that was passed at our annual Church Conference in November. The new Leadership Council will replace the Council on Ministries and the Administrative Board, fulfilling the functions assigned to the Finance, Nominations and Lay Leadership, and Staff-Parish Relations Committee, as well as the Board of Trustees. Serving alongside the Council, four Standing Committees–Budget and Operations, Facilities, Governance, and Nominations–will assist them with these duties. The newly elected Council will begin their service on January 1st, 2023. 

For more information, please email Pastor Will Green or watch the special Church Conference below.