Do you knit, crochet, or think this is the time to learn via YouTube?  In the recent Messenger, on page 19, we shared information about this new ministry and invited you to an info session on May 3.  With all that is going on now, we have decided to invite you all to be a part of this now! 

The idea is that you could make prayer shawls now, based on patterns we can send you, hold on to them, and when we are able to again worship in person together, we would designate a Sunday to bless the shawls to have them ready to share with folks who can use a physical reminder of God’s love and the love of SSUMC. 

Prayer shawls symbolize peace, healing, and spiritual sustenance, and offer comfort and hope.  They can be given to someone who is ill, someone who has experienced a loss, or someone who has experienced a joy, such as the birth/baptism of a new baby, or a marriage.  

Knitters and crocheters offer a blessing or prayer as they begin their work, even though they don’t know who will receive their shawls. If you are comfortable doing so, you can add a note to the unknown recipient, telling that person you are offering this as a blessing to them, or enclose a favorite Bible passage, or add words of comfort or joy. 

For now you are invited to knit or crochet at home.  If there is interest, we could set up a Zoom group for folks to gather together via technology.

If you’re interested in finding out more, or if you know you’d like to take part in this ministry, please contact Rev. Michele  <> or Marge Kumaki