Equity Initiatives Unit (EIU) Proposed Budget Cuts Is a Justice Issue

On February 13, the Board of Education of Montgomery County Public Schools will hold a public hearing and take tentative action on the proposed operating budget.  This budget includes a dramatic cut in the Equity Initiatives Unit (EIU).

You can read more about the EIU’s important work here:  http://www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/departments/clusteradmin/equity/

You can read more about the Study Circles (part of EIU’s important work) here:  http://www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/departments/studycircles/

This proposed cut in staffing from 20 employees to 5 has been framed as an effort to decentralize the work of the unit; however, no plan has been put forward as to how the important work that has been done by the EIU will continue on a local level without the funding or support it has had in the past.

MCPS has a majority white teacher population with a majority minority student population.  MCPS has long been a model nationwide with the focus it has placed on training teachers in important topics such as implicit bias, white privilege, and how systemic racism continues to affect student opportunity and achievement.  The proposed budget undermines the progress that has been made, indicates a major shift in priorities for MCPS, and ultimately hurts the students, particularly those of color.

This is a justice issue.  This is a children of God issue.  This is a faith issue.  You do not have to be a parent of a child in MCPS to voice your concern about the children of our community.  Contact MCPS’s Board of education at the following email addresses to let them know your concerns, values and priorities moving forward for the children of our community:  Michael_A_Durso@mcpsmd.orgShebra_L_Evans@mcpsmd.org,Jeanette_E_Dixon@mcpsmd.org  Judy_Docca@mcpsmd.orgPatricia_O’Neill@mcpsmd.org,Jill_Ortman-Fouse@mcpsmd.orgrebecca_k_smondrowski@mcpsmd.org,Matthew_Post@mcpsmd.orgboe@mcpsmd.org