Our church’s choice pantry was highlighted by the Baltimore-Washington Conference as an example of how “partnerships between churches and other organizations are helping to re-build a sacred space.” They said:

The Center runs a choice food pantry where people come in and choose the food items they want, Cornwell said. The model of a choice food pantry, she said, gives people more dignity and helps eliminate food waste since people choose the foods they want, rather than what is simply given to them.

It’s also a more hands-on form of ministry, Cornwell said, because volunteers are needed to walk through the pantry with every guest, talking and building relationships along the way.

The article highlights the key role of church member Lisa Middleton, who leads our Feeding Ministry and spearheaded the choice pantry. “We’re here because we believed in the vision,” says Middleton. “When God is calling you to do something, there’s not going to be anything that stands in the way.

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