Greening our landscapes

Over the past 18 months, Grounds and Gardens leader Rob Horn has been hard at work. You may have seen his handiwork in the many beautiful native species of plantings that he has done around our downtown campus. What you may not have seen is the hard, behind-the-scenes work he has put into raising funds for improvements to the grounds and gardens.

That work has paid off in several grants that the church has received to create sustainable landscaping that helps the environment. In the next few months, you’ll see work in the following areas of the church.

Along the driveway leading from Ballard St into the main parking lot, grants from the Montgomery County RainScapes program and The Chesapeake Bay Trust will fund a rain garden along the driveway and a trench drain that will feed water to it from the parking lot, thus diverting polluted runoff water from running into the storm drains.

Ballard St Driveway Rain Garden (click for full size)

And along Georgia Avenue, the Anacostia Riverkeeper is coordinating a project that will install a Rain Garden:

Plan of Rain Garden to be located along Georgia Avenue near driveway (click to enlarge)
Just some of the beautiful, native species of plants that will be installed in the Georgia Avenue rain garden (click to enlarge)