Donate to the Haiti Mission Trip Project

From March 28-April 3, 15 youth and adults from Silver Spring UMC will travel to Merger, Haiti to work in partnership with the Institute of Grace primary school, clinic and pastor’s training school. On Sunday, March 13th, we will collect a special offering at both worship services to help pay for the projects that the team will be doing there–from small construction projects, and feeding lunch to the school children to a pastor’s training school and nurses’ seminar. All funds collected will go directly to fund the projects— the team’s travel expenses are being paid by the participants themselves, and by our church Outreach funds.

By supporting this mission trip and the people of Merger, Haiti you are going with us to be the hands and feet of Jesus! Please give generously!

Project List

  1. Pastor Seminar (for 40-50 pastors): 2 days at $800/day.
    1. Preparing and delivering a sermon. Led by Rev. Rachel Cornwell and Rev. David Graves (UM Pastor serving in extension ministry with the Institute of Grace)
    2. Pastoral care – death and dying. Stages of grief. Led by Rev. Michele Johns.
  2. Nurses Seminar: Led by Aimee Johns to help train local clinic nurses: 1 or 2 days, $600.
  3. Elementary Education: Observe and assist in 6 classrooms with children ages 3-6th grade
  • translator for each class at $20/day/translator. $120/day or $480 for the week.
  • Lunch for 100 children $100/day for 4 days. $400 for the week.
  • Sessions with children. Crafts, Bible stories, Songs, English games, science experiments related to health and environmental science. $250 for the week.

Construction: $500 total

  • Painting
    • Four rooms on 2nd floor, main building
    • Metal bars in main building green
  • Electrical
    • Hang fixtures
    • Replace plate covers
    • Circuit panel
  • Install non-slip tape
  • Water
    • Replace water filters
    • Capture shower and sink water for garden

Build New Cistern: $10,000 – $15,000 total

To hire local workers to help rebuild damaged cistern which provides clean water to the school and community

  • Finish excavation
  • Build walls
  • Install pump and plumbing
  • repair crack in old cistern after the new cistern excavated