Week Six:

Day Twenty-Nine – March 14

Scripture – John 19:7-16

Fast of the Day – Intimidation

What do you fear? Being misunderstood or misrepresented? Being unwanted or unneeded? Illness or injury? Today, fast from intimidation by not letting fear bully you. When you feel the presence of fear, acknowledge it, say a pray, and refuse the power over you.


Day Thirty – March 15

Scripture – John 19:17-27

Fast of the Day – Self-Confidence

As a disclaimer, self-confidence is to be highly valued and is important for all of us to have to certain level. Today, the fast however, is about letting go of the feeling that I can do it all myself and on my own and I need no one else. In faith we are called to lean on the arms of God. Thinking of how much I can do, how much more can I do when I depend on God.


Day Thirty-One – March 16

Scripture – John 19:28-37

Fast of the Day – Mocking Jesus

This one may catch by surprise. What person of faith would mock Jesus? But what about those times in our lives when we knowingly deny who Christ is in our lives or who we have been called to be? What about those times we mock Jesus with our actions that are little more than mockery? Today spend some time contemplating the areas of your life where you might be mocking who you have been called to be.


Day Thirty-Two – March 17

Scripture – John 19:38-42

Fast of the Day – Addition

We like to add to our faith. Read this book, say this prayer, go to this site, protest this thing… and on and on. Today fast from those things that detract from the sufficiency of the grace that Christ freely offers to each of us.


Day Thirty-Three – March 18

Scripture – John 20:1-9

Fast of the Day – Willful Sin

Today, in a time of reflection, ask yourself if there is anything that you are holding on to that you could and should let go of but have not. With a week before we arrive at the cross once again, reflect on those areas where you still need forgiveness, healing, and strength.


Day Thirty-Four – March 19

Scripture – John 20:10-18

Fast of the Day – Criticism

We almost always know when others could do something better and we can be quick to point it out, but that criticism assumes a lot. We do not know the full story most of the time. The slow clerk, the homeless person, the screaming child. These are all people with a story, one we likely do not know, but one that Christ surely knows. Today let go of the criticism and embrace all God’s beloved you meet today.


*This blog post is based on “40 Days of Decrease” by Alicia Britt Cole. For more information related to each day and its fast please pick up a copy of her book!