Week Five:

Day Twenty-Three – March 7

Scripture – John 18:15-18

Fast of the Day – Armchair Jesus

Today, fast from the images of an armchair Jesus, one who critiques the game but is not a player. Jesus is so much more than one aloofly watching us. Jesus is not offering hypothetical armchair advice, he offers himself, sharing with us in the ups and downs of our lives, walking right beside us.


Day Twenty-Four – March 8

Scripture – John 18:19-24

Fast of the Day – Neutrality

Neutrality is an easy choice, the choice to not get involved, to not make take a stand. Today find a way to step outside of neutrality. Jesus chose us and walked to the cross. Find a time to set aside self (in a healthy way) and find a way to walk with Christ and others as we seek to deny ourselves and take up our own cross.


Day Twenty-Five – March 9

Scripture – John 18:25-27

Fast of the Day – Denial

Today, fast denial. Larry S. Julian stated “hiding who you are…isn’t the solution”. Be honest with yourself. Be honest to who you truly are. Embrace the person that God has created you to be and embrace what you truly feel. In the garden, Jesus did not run away from himself or what he was feeling. Today, find time to do the same.


Day Twenty-Six – March 10

Scripture – John 18-28-32

Fast of the Day – Comparison

Today’s fast is comparison. When can spend much of our lives looking around and seeing others and comparing ourselves. Today, stop determining your worth based on those around you and your perception of others’ reality and find your worth as a beloved child of God who is unique and gifted.


Day Twenty-Seven – March 11

Scripture – John 18:33-40

Fast of the Day – Discontentment

Dreaming of more is good, until it becomes a measure of what we do not have. Today, fast daydreaming of “more.” Refuse to allow discontentment brain space. Instead, redirect it to a grateful prayer for the blessings you do have, no matter how big or small they are.


Day Twenty-Eight – March 12

Scripture – John 19:1-6

Fast of the Day – Formulas

Life is rarely black and white and instead exist in a shade of gray. Today fast from the formulas that tell you “no” out of a legalistic impulse. Let no one tell you that you can’t simply because it is against the rules. Today, follow the example of Jesus who resisted the restriction of the Pharisees and healed on the Sabbath.


*This blog post is based on “40 Days of Decrease” by Alicia Britt Cole. For more information related to each day and its fast please pick up a copy of her book!