40 Days of Decrease – Week Two


Week Two: Feb 15-20

Day Five: February 15
Scripture – John 12:37-43
Fast of the Day – Tidy Faith
Today let your faith be messy. Fast tidying it up to make it more tame, and meditate upon Jesus’ peaceful response to John’s uncertainty.

Day Six – February 16
Scripture – John 12:44-50
Fast of the Day – Speeding Past Sorrow
Sorrow is a part life, sometimes an uncomfortable part that we would rather speed past or ignore it altogether, but we do a disservice to ourselves when we do this. Today, honor the losses in your life, instead of speeding past, slow down and be present to what you are going through.

Day Seven – February 17
Scripture – John 13:1-7
Fast of the Day – A Meal
There are many methods and motivations to fast. Today fast from a meal and use your typical meal time to reflect on the first revelation by Jesus to the disciples of his coming death (Matt. 9:15). Use the ache of a missing meal to reflect on the ache the disciples felt upon hearing the news.

Day Eight – February 18
Scripture – John 13:8-17
Fast of the Day – Fixing It
We love a quick fix, especially one another’s pain. Sometimes in efforts to help we only cause more hurt. Today, take a break from fixing and find a way to just be present with another.

Day Nine – February 19
Scripture – John 13:18-30
Fast of the Day – Rationalism
This may be the most difficult yet. Today, take break from the belief that reason is in charge. By this I mean suspend rational belief for today and embrace that the work of God often times comes outside of explainable belief and is part of what we call Holy mystery. Reflect on the savior who stepped down from heaven to live as one of us, to walk our journey, and to suffer and die on the cross.

Day Ten – February 20
Scripture – John 13:31-36
Fast of the Day – Avoidance
We all have our own ways of avoiding the things we would rather not face. Look out today for the things you are avoiding and ask yourself why? Then consider what might be underlying this avoidance. How can you avoid avoiding in the future?

*This blog post is based on “40 Days of Decrease” by Alicia Britt Cole. For more information related to each day and its fast please pick up a copy of her book!