40 Days of Decrease – Week One


Week One: Feb. 10-13 (Sundays are a free day)

Day One – February 10 (Ash Wednesday)

Scripture – John 12:1-11

Fast of the Day – Lent as a Project

Instead of looking at Lent this year as in terms of project evaluation like “I did ok”, “I totally failed”, or “I made it two weeks” think of Lent this year as a journey and focus on the experience. Let Lent become a time of new experiences with Christ, which is always a good thing.


Day Two – February 11

Scripture – John 12:12-19

Fast of the Day – Regrets

It is very tempting to look back at the past and see our regrets, the things we wish we had done differently or had gone differently. The problem then is our regrets can cause us to get stuck and we when we are stuck we are robbing ourselves of the new beginning we are promised in Christ. Today, for one day, let go of your regrets and live into your new beginning in Christ who is making all things new.


Day Three – February 12

Scripture – John 12:20-28

Fast of the Day – Collecting Praise

Praise is not a bad thing, it is what we do with it that determines whether it is a positive or negative. Are we using it to glorify ourselves or to glorify God. Today focus not on deflection of praise, but redirection. Embrace the praise that is offered to you with sincerity and then turn that praise into praise for God.


Day Four – February 13

Scripture – John 12:29-36

Fast of the Day – Artificial Light

There is a practicing in the Eastern Orthodox tradition of extinguishing all the lights and sitting in the darkness as the community begins the Lenten journey together. Take some time today to sit in the stillness of darkness and observe what is around you as you listen for the voice of God. Maybe in the darkness take time to read scripture by candlelight.


*This blog post is based on “40 Days of Decrease” by Alicia Britt Cole. For more information related to each day and its fast please pick up a copy of her book!