Come experience prayer and find strength in a safe and sacred space.

On Monday morning we woke to the news of more violence, terror, and death. Our hearts were already heavy with grief for those affected by natural disasters in Sierra Leone, Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, Mexico, the US Virgin Islands, and other places around the world. Our spirits already sighed with the seeming refusal on the part of our country to enact any meaningful gun control legislation.

We see the startling trends of increased gun violence in both highly publicized mass incidents like Sunday night as well as the everyday violence that has become the “normal” of far too many places. Our bodies are still kneeling, acknowledging the brokenness of our nation and the systems in it that speak of justice but fall far short.

Our prayers may mimic the prophets, “how long, O Lord?” we ask. How long will such senseless violence, hatred, and injustice persist? How long until that Kin-dom we pray for each and every week actually comes? How long will the headlines continue coming? This continues to be a time in which we need to find strength in our community. Together we pray for God’s Kin-dom to come. Together we seek God. Together we seek a different way to be in community.

The chapel will be open this Thursday October 5 from 6-8pm. Candles will be lit. There will be water to remember your baptism. This will be a time to come and pray–come for a few minutes, come for the whole time. Just come and be in a safe and sacred space. A pastor will be available to pray with you if you wish. Whether you have words or tears, anger or sadness, anxiety or sighs, a sense of resolve or despair… Come as you are, come as you feel, come as you wrestle with whatever is weighing heavy on you. Come and know that you are not alone.