Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German pastor and theologian who was imprisoned in a concentration camp and executed on April 9, 1945, wrote the book Life Together out of his experience of the deep Christian community he found in an “underground” seminary which helped lead the resistance to the Nazis.  To Bonhoeffer, the Christian today is living in a world as hostile and pagan as the early Christians experienced.  Together with Bonhoeffer and the New Testament scriptures which tell us about how the earliest Christians responded to the resurrection of Jesus, we will explore what it means to live “life together” in our current time in this Easter Season Sermon Series, April 23-May 28.


There will also be opportunities to read and discuss Life Together in small groups:

Wednesday mornings at 7 am beginning April 26th with Rev. Rachel and Rev. Katherine

Friday evenings, 7:30 pm, with the Young Adults @Kaldi’s Social House beginning April 28

Thursday mornings with the Women’s Bible Study at 10 am beginning May 4


Copies of the book Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer are available for $8 from Rev. Rachel or Jen Kidwell


April 23     Easter 2     John 20:19-31

“Community Part 1: Through and In Christ”


April 30     Easter 3     1 Peter 1:17-23 and Luke 24:13-35

“Community Part 2: A Spiritual Not A Human Reality”


May 7         Easter 4     Acts 2:42-47

“Confession and Communion”


May 14       Easter 5     John 14:1-14 or Acts 7:55-60

“The Day Alone”


May 21       Easter 6     John 14:15-21 or 1 Peter 3:13-22

“The Day with Others”


May 28        Easter 7/Ascension Sunday     Acts 1:1-14

“Confession and Communion”